Basic American Sign Language for Healthcare Professionals


My name is Ashley Barker. I am a graduate of the University of Mississippi. I obtained a  B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry, Psychology, and Neuroscience. I am also a current Masters of Public Health Student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.


 Most importantly, I am Hard of Hearing and have been a part of the disabled community for over a decade. Being involved in the medical field as a hard of hearing premed allowed me to realize the separation of the hearing world and the Deaf/HOHworld, especially in medicine. I created this website for anyone that has a lack of knowledge of the Deaf/HOH community and to help individuals learn ASL; in hopes to better themselves as healthcare professionals. I truly believe EVERYONE should learn basic ASL and understand disabilities. Please watch my introduction video for more information.

Happy signing! 


P.S. All videos are captioned. I personally captioned all videos myself through Youtube. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a website I created as a form of advocacy!  Note this is not a class. This is an aid to show you medical signs, spread awareness, and get more people learning ASL! This is no way a replacement for an interpreter or any other ASL services.  


**This site will be updated soon**