Intro to ASL sentences
1. Are you deaf?  2. No, I am not deaf, I am hearing  3. Take care  4. Where do you work?     5. Why are you learning sign?  6. I have a question  7. Can you please sign slower
8. Can you please sign that again  9. Can you fingerspell that again  10. Do you need help?
1. Would you like me to call an interpreter?  2. Are you married?  
3. My husband name is Sam  4. Please call 911  
5. Do you have brothers and sisters (how many)  6. I have 3 sisters and no brothers
 7. Do you know how to sign?  8. We know ASL, they do not know ASL
 9. Thank you for watching!
1. The doctor told me to take the pill, so I am going to take the pill  2. I am hungry  
3.Where is the nurse?  4. I do not feel good. I feel ill.  5. I will be right back