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Medicine, Doctor, Nurse, Specialist, Pill/Take Pill, Surgery. Draw Blood, Test, Blood, Injection, Hurt, Sick, Hospital, Patient, Ambulance Emergency/ ER, Ambulance Siren, Prescription, Bedrest/rest, Wheelchair, Suture, Help, Anatomy, Cancer, Allery/Allergy attack, Fever
Chest, Cough, Flu (cold), Breath, Appointment, Baby, Labor, Dizzy, Infection, Family/Family History, Food, Thirst, Happened, Feeling, Get up, Improved, Vomit, Lie down, Diabetes, Cast, Bandage 
Asphyxiate, Admit, Discharge, Arthritis, Chemotherapy, AIDS, Joints, Bones, Transfusion, Heart Transplant/Transplant, Heartburn, Faint, Abuse (physical, emotional, drug), Breastfeed, Circulation, Condom, Die, Disease, Mental health, Problem
Seizure, Down syndrome, Autism, H1N1 Flu Virus, Drugs, HIV, Alcohol/alcoholism, Addictive, Thrombus, X-ray, Depressed, Cramps, Dermatologist, Schizophrenia, Hospice, Cope, Contact lenses, Pregnant, Birth, Sprain
NOTE: The sign for X-RAY is signed as SCAN which I have used to describe X-RAY or any type of other scans. So please note the more "correct" sign for X-RAY is fingerspelled. Sorry for the confusion
Epilepsy, Blood pressure (high and low), Stroke, Health, Insurance, Therapy, Heart failure, Heart attack, Ushers syndrome, Fracture/break, Inseminate, Psychology, Menstruation, Nosebleed, Pap smear, Lab, Rape, Life, Swollen, Bowel movement 
Age, Height, Weight, Chronic illness, Pediatrics, Palipitations, Injure, Bruise,  Audiology, Asthma, Advice, Blemish, Blind, Braille, Phlegm/Mucous, Pneumonia, Penis, Circumcision, Vagina, Meningitis, Hearing loss